The Bethany Difference

A Caring Philosophy in a Time of need

Unique Choices

We understand every person will react differently to the passing of a loved one or friend. We believe it is vital we respond appropriately and we take great care to read the moment and find ways to offer support.
We see the need to help children understand and through our storybook, ‘I Remember Poppy’ and the use of our ‘Care Bears’ we have been able, in some small way, to assist the younger members of families to better cope with the passing of friends and loved ones.

Our Differences

Yes, we are different and you will see this on your first visit. We listen carefully to your wishes and that of the deceased.
We are simply an instrument to care for your desires and to honour the life of those passed. We can act as advocates in helping you by offering options and suggestions, which may help to create a ceremony which truly celebrates a life, but we also understand that in this moment there is a need for love and support.

Understanding and Care

There is something very precious and unique about the work we do. It not only demands diligence and a very special care for those who have passed but there is a deep and abiding need to understand and care for those who are to continue on.
Our personnel are trained in the Bethany family way, yes the family and friends require support and love but we also need to find ways to surround them with memories that comfort them and build a pathway to living. We want to celebrate a life to acknowledge the contribution and to say goodbye with dignity. We find those moments and we help express them.

Our Services

Our modern facilities are specific to all requirements. Our Chapel is peaceful and serene. It fulfills a special role in that it offers dignity, an atmosphere of reverence and sense of love.
It can create a joyous feeling or it can offer a time of deep reflection. It can offer peace and comfort but most important of all it is a place where one can remember and express willingly the moments spent with those loved ones who have passed away.


On many occasions families find it difficult to cater for visitors who attend a funeral. We offer a complete catering service in our large guest area.
We take care of everything, allowing you to talk with friends and relatives who wish to convey their feelings. Menus are available, from a cuppa and sandwiches to something more substantial and our personnel are there to service your every need. 

A Special Touch

We are, nonetheless just as concerned with the older member of the families. Bethany’s own Vince and Penny are very special people with 50 years of combined experience in caring for people who have suffered a loss.
With their very special touch, they offer a loving and unpretentious strength, which has the ability to soothe, help and heal. It is unique, sincere and powerful. Those who have experienced this testify to the contribution it has made to their lives.

The Story of the Bethany Bear

The Story Of Our Bear

Some years ago, a sad event shattered the lives of a small family. A loving wife and three small children lost a wonderful husband and father.

Honoured to be asked to conduct the farewell ceremony, Bethany took the family under their loving care. Understanding the confusion of the small children, Vince took them to the local shops and told them they could have anything they desired. The little girl responded by asking if she could have an ice cream? Such a simple request was immediately granted and Vince and the children feasted on the treat.

After the funeral, Vince received a visit from the little girl and her Mother. She had brought with her a thank you gift; a small shaggy Teddy Bear, a little worn but well loved. It was precious to her and she wanted Vince to have it. Today that original shaggy bear graces the sideboard in the Bethany reception room of their new building. Its meaning and sentiment have never been lost.

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In the face of darkness and disenchantment, love had shone a new light of hope allowing them to move forward and Teddy was a way of saying thank you. This simple, beautiful gift of a child reminds us all, that small things mean so very much, especially in our time of grief.

That is why today, in all the Bethany’s reception rooms sits a basket full of little bears for anyone to take. Young or old are welcome to take a Bethany Care Bear, all of which are labelled with the following words:

“I’m a Bethany Bear. I have big ears to listen with and I don’t answer back. My body is soft to cuddle. I won’t break if you get angry. My clothes are made from special tear absorbent material – but most of all I care for you.”

And so the little bear lives on to comfort and care for all of us, adult and child alike.

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