Cynthia Cordingley


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Ceremony Time: 2.30pm
Ceremony Date: Wednesday 11th January 2023
Ceremony Address: Bethany Chapel, 1 Prior Street, Albany
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  1. MEOW! I will always remember that was how I knew you were at my door, or if you needed my attention when clearing my letterbox. Your love and compassion towards animals was legendary. Heartfelt thoughts are with your family and the many friends you made in Albany. REST IN PEACE My friend MEOW!

  2. Cynth was my aunt, and I hadn’t seen her for about 30 years, but I remember her as a great character and lots of fun. Coming to Albany to help sort out her flat and memorial service has not only meant meeting many wonderful people who loved and valued her, but has helped me to understand what a terrific, passionate, compassionate, active, creative and generous person she was. We have lost someone special.

  3. I hadn’t seen Cynth in over 20 years She hated to be called aunt. I guess cos there was a 6 or 7 age difference between us. We have lost a unique, committed, creative individual. I’m truly glad she had support and good people around her.

  4. Meow...scratch you later CC. At the end of each catch-up, we would pretend that we were clawing our way back together, meowing at the top of our voices, in honour of ALL the feline animals of the world. Time spent with CC was always a positive, joyful, inspirational, compassionate and exciting time. She was always down to earth getting as much as she could out of life. Cynthia was always the life and soul of the animal world, who adored my cats and all in the animal kingdom. Cynthia was that special person that always brought a smile to my face. CC, you will be surely missed. I can hear you chat away in heaven. Make sure you visit every puddy cat, dog and/or Alpaca that's there in heaven. May they chat to you for eternity. Love ya, Meows from Kirsty and Sir Mantang Kovu 🐈‍⬛

  5. Cynth was my little sister, born when I was 15. She was a lively little person and kept us all on our toes. Growing up in the country amongst animals was obviously a great influence. She learnt to ride when she was very young and loved her pony and the sheep dogs, which were always around.

    Her first schooling was through the NSW Correspondence school. When she left school, she went to secretarial college and did office work for a few years, then trained as a nurse. She worked for several years at the blood bank in Sydney.

    When she moved to Western Australia she lived for a few years in Fremantle before moving to Albany. She made the move after visiting there for some activity because the people were so nice – congratulations Albany-ans!

    Her emails from there were all about her activities with friends and about the animals she minded. Among her non-human friends, cats were her absolute favourite and alpacas probably a close second, but dogs were also loved, as were an assortment of other pets.

    Cynth liked to keep fit and her bike was more than just transport.

    It is good to know that she had friends who valued her and made her life a good one. Many thanks to all of you.


  6. I didn't know Cynthia that well but what I knew of her was a lively friendly person, I was very shocked to hear the news today and still cant quite believe it. Sympathy to her family and friends, she will be missed

  7. Dearest Cynthia was a good friend for whom i am grateful to have known and shall always remember for her natural loving kindness especially in an awesome encounter with Appy, my dear old horse, Cynthia merely whispered to Appy and he mellowed to her then with great ease Cynthia stroked all his tension away.
    Cynthia lives on, in my memories.
    God bless and THANK YOU xx

  8. Cynthia you’re a good friend and a good neighbour to us ever since we meet you have become our family here in Australia.
    We feel so sad to know after we come back from holiday that you’re already gone.
    You are a very friendly and cheerful and kind person. We will never forget you my good friend. You are always in our heart. We know you are happy now. Thank you for everything Cynthia.🥲🥲🥲

  9. I have fond, hazy memories of aunty Cynthia from my childhood. She was just ten years older than me so she seemed much more like a cousin than an aunt. I remember her being friendly and down to earth. A real farm girl, tough and practical. As a city kid I was amazed how relaxed and skillful she was around horses and farm stuff in general.
    It's unfortunate that it was only after her death that I got to know her more. Alison and I were fortunate to meet and chat with many of her friends and neighbours while we recently sorted out her flat in Albany. We gained a picture of a fit, active person with a love of animals (clearly mad about cats), lots of friends, and living life to the full.
    I'm so impressed with the community Cynthia chose to move to. Everyone we met in Albany, including friends, neighbours, tradies, op shop staff were friendly, helpful and supportive.
    I gather she'd had some tough times in the past too, but it's so nice to know that in the end Cynthia had made a fulfilling life for herself in a beautiful place.

  10. I am so saddened to see you have gone from this earth , you were my work companion at the blood bank,my friend and Godmother to my daughter Temiel. I am all the better for your friendship we spent many lunctmes together. You stayed with mevmany times .Rest in Peacevmy friend .Love always Helen

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