Dr Anne Brearley


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Ceremony Time: 2:00pm
Ceremony Date: 24/02/2022
Ceremony Address: Bethany Chapel 1 Prior St, Albany, Western Australia
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  1. We have known Annie all our lives. Our parents were the best of friends. There was a little gang, the Patersons, Bowmans, Moores, Hansens and Hannahs. We shared babyhoods, we played together as children. We holidayed together; we just grew up together. Her home was our home and ours were hers. We had numerous sleepovers which continued well into our teenage years. As young adults we met our future partners, married and had families. This just started the whole cycle again. When our children got older work meant our time was taken up and our lives took us on different paths, but we still maintained contact. This was the case until Annie started to be taken away from us, little bit by little bit by a shocking disease. We wept for what it was doing to her. May we long keep the gentle Annie, the passionate lover of the ocean and nature, the curious learner, the wonderful mother, the great supporter of those close to her, but just a very lovely friend, in our hearts. Warren Moore and Anthea Lang

  2. My thoughts are with you Reg, Charlie and Winston along with your families.

    Anne was a lovely lady that treasured the ocean greatly and educated myself along with many others on the pleasures of it.

  3. Hi Annie
    I recently had a minor operation at St John of Gods hospital Subiaco, and was in overnight.
    At the admissions, I was asked “Where were you born? “
    My Answer “ I estimate within 50 metres from this desk”
    The admissions person said “ I often get a similar answer”
    I thought about that later and wondered how many babies have met in St John’s nursery and have maintained a 71 year friendship? I suggest very few.
    We have both lived very interesting, diverse and productive lives, and the contact between us has varied over the years depending on the projects we were each separately involved in. However, we have nearly always managed to maintain contact on our Birthdays, even when we were continents apart and email did not exist.
    I have enclosed a copy of the 6-year Birthday card you had written in. I would suggest this was one of your early printing debuts. It is amazing the work you have written since, including the incredible “Swanland.” You can be very proud of your tremendous achievements.
    Janie and I will be down October the 1st to see you. I will bring the original 6-year card with me.
    Looking forward to seeing you then.
    Lots of love

  4. I only met Anne a couple of times but know how much she meant to Reg. She was a lovely lady. Deepest sympathy to Reg and his family.

  5. Dear Reg, Winston,Charlie and families.
    We have fond memories of our association with Anne.
    A special talented lady.
    Love to you all.
    Pam and Robert

  6. Our deepest sympathy to Reg, Winston, Charlie, Owen and Alethea and family's on the passing of Annie. Our thoughts are with you at this very difficult time. A remarkable lady who will be sadly missed.
    Love from John and Lyn Reading

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