Janice Margaret Toole (Bhoomi, Jane)

4th July 194521st August 2022

Ceremony Information

Ceremony Time: 10.30am
Ceremony Date: Tuesday 30th August 2022
Ceremony Address: Bethany Chapel, 1 Prior Street , Albany WA 6330 - In Lieu of Flowers donations to the Numbat Task Force fundraiser on behalf on Janice would be appreciated. Please use Janice Toole, Bhoomi, or Jane when placing a donation so all donations made will be on behalf of Janice https://www.fame.org.au/projects/understanding-numbat-behaviour
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13 comments on “Janice Margaret Toole (Bhoomi, Jane)”

  1. I didn't know Jane well, but I so enjoyed her company whenever we would meet up, usually at a Baha'i event. We would sit and chat and giggle at the stories we shared. I always felt I could share anything with Jane and not be judged, I will miss her friendship.

  2. We will miss having you around Bhoomi. No more Tuesday night dinners. We can’t believe you’re not here anymore. We will always remember your gentle nature.
    Rest In Peace.
    All our love,
    Steve, Meagan, Liv and a Ruby.

  3. Your love ❤️ for life, humanity and our precious environment. Will now shine as ✨ bright as Stars ⭐️ above! Radiant, Peaceful and Tranquil!

  4. I called her “Lady Jane”
    Loved her soft , gentle personality, genuine caring towards everyone and her love for humanity and environment.
    You will be dearly missed my Lady Jane .
    Rest in Abha Kingdom.
    Oceans of love
    Azar & Will ❤️❤️

  5. Azar&Will Johns

    I called her “Lady Jane”.
    Loved her soft , gentle personality and her genuine love for humanity and environment.
    You dearly will be missed my Lady Jane.
    Rest in Abha Kingdom
    Azar & Will

  6. So very sad and sorry to hear of Bhoomi Jane's passing and I offer my sincere condolences to Jess and Luke and other family members. I have many happy memories of her time in Hobart, of her humour and quirkiness as she created those marvellous tea cosies. Rest in peace dear soul. It's lovely that you have spent a happy time in Albany with the support of your family, your friends and your Bahai faith.

  7. My dear, dear friend Bhoomi died suddenly a few days ago … we had so many adventures together, and she lived with our family for a while to 😎 she was like a bossy elder sister to me .. in the best possible way 😂

    Bhoomi was passionate about protecting the environment, and especially endangered wildlife, and knitted many awesome beanies and tea cosies that were quolls or Tassie Devils when living in Tassie, and sold them at Salamanca market to raise funds for research and protection 🥰 she had a great brain and was a keen and sharp Scrabble player , but I was neither keen or interested … but we always had fun together in lots of different ways …

    And now she has Gone Home … who is going to boss me around now? I hope I have developed a strong Inner Bhoomi to keep me in line 🤗😍😂

  8. Dearest Janice,
    Thank you for opening up your heart and embracing Alexander and me into your family and life story. Alexander and I loved listening to your many adventures and learning about the Toole heritage. We both felt inspired by your love and passion for the environment and the many animals that needed a voice like yours, to ensure their survival. Mostly Janice we loved your kindness and warmth.
    We will miss you.
    Love Anna and Alexander

  9. So sad to hear of your passing whilst I am away overseas. The complex will not seem the same without you.
    I have enjoyed our whatsapp messages whilst travelling, we will miss you Janice.

  10. Dear Bhoomi, you were my first Australian friend back in 2003. I have so many wonderful memories of catching up with you in Hobart, painting banners for a rally in Adelaide, your visit to Kaniva and finally visiting you in Albany where you were so happy with your family close-by. I wish I could have seen you one more time but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. You were always so patient, kind, creative and colourful and introduced me to so many wonderful and quirky things. Thank you for eating the food I cooked you and even saying you liked it 😀 that was so typical of you. The world is much duller without you. I miss you. x Nicole

  11. Dear Bhoomi

    Wonderful maker of beanies; determined advocate for all the gentle native creatures. Eternal spritual seeker...
    You enriched all our lives. Your colour; your humour; your determined nature. Let's not linger too long in the sadness, but rather celebrate all the great gifts and joys of living that you passed on to us... The uniqueness of Bhoomi.

  12. Dear Bhoomi - I remember many laughs and your skills at creating wonderful beanies and tea cosies back in the old Beanie Festival days. Your love and passion for the environment was infectious and inspiring...xx

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