Kaj Nielsen


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Ceremony Time: 4pm
Ceremony Date: Saturday 12th February 2022
Ceremony Address: Bethany Chapel, 1 Prior St, Albany
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  1. Dear Kaj,

    I would like to give a few words on your journey. The first time I met you was when we were soldiers, where we were together for 2½ years. Our friendship has prevailed in all those years.

    After our time in the danish army, you went to Australia and I to Greenland. I have visited you 3 times in your beautiful homeland. And through you I have experienced so many good and inspiring times, in which I owe you many thanks.

    I have bought a vinyl record that both of us cared an incredible lot for, in our FN-UN army times in Cyprus. Album: songs that everybody knows by Theresa Brewer. Song: ‘’San Antonio Rose’’. I will listen to this song on your journey beyond.

    Thank you for all the memories Kaj.

    To the family and friends of Kaj, I send you the best thoughts and prayers on Kajs passing.

    Your good friend, Ole.

  2. Kaj....You were a true friend and neighbour to us. We will not forget your kindness and generosity. When you took us to the bus station for our return to the UK you were the last person we saw in Albany. As we hugged and said goodbye we agreed to meet up again on your travels across Europe and QLD. Sadly that never came about but the memories of all the good times we spent with you, Pat and the various dogs, lastly Molly who we helped you pick from the litter, will stay with us for ever. RIP
    Rosemary and Geoff

  3. We will keep all the good memories of your visits in our home and city in Aarhus, Denmark. We spend many wonderful days and evenings together with you and our father, father-in-law and grandfather Børge, your big brother. At each visit, we joined the family in the same excellent fish-restaurant, which you liked a lot, and ended up with a good glass of wine late in the evening. We always have looked forward to see you next time.

    We will miss your visits here. We will miss you.

    We send our warmest condolences to your nearest family in Australia.

    Rest in peace, Kaj.

    The warmest thoughts from Frederik, Emma, Sofie, Henriette and Jens

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