Mr Clive Turner


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Ceremony Time: 10:30
Ceremony Date: 05/09/2022
Ceremony Address: Bethany Funeral Home, 1 Prior st Albany.
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2 comments on “Mr Clive Turner”

  1. Clive and I said all the words we needed to say during life, love encouragement appreciation and respect.We will always treasure the time we had with him, it was not long enough but the time we had with him, even through the ups and downs of life was always very special.
    My heart is broken, it will heal because your strength and love will see us through

  2. Clive, it is with great regret that I cannot give tribute in person today. You were a staple in my life, an iconic laughter that made even the most grave and heartbreaking moments seem like a joke, an infectious mood that rarely failed to lift even the most humble of spirits.

    The world is a significantly quieter place now, but that might just be because you aren't singing Johnny Horton at the top of your lungs with a glass of rum in your hand. You may be gone, but the lasting memory of your tight hugs, your laughter, your can-do attitude to life will stay with me forever.

    I'll miss you, but I'll never forget you. Love you Uncle Clive.

    My deepest condolences to Desi, and to his extended family, his children and grandchildren xxx

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