Mr David Robinson

Thursday 19th July 1945Friday 23rd February 2024

Ceremony Information

Ceremony Time: 2.00pm
Ceremony Date: Thursday 7th March 2024
Ceremony Address: Bethany Funeral Chapel, 1 Prior St Albany
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  1. “Robbo, my mate.
    I will never ever forget your Geordie laugh Robbo and I I am sorry that I didn’t get to be there today to say goodbye to you but I couldn’t let this celebration of your life go bye without a few memories of the good old times.
    Remember the Sunday night Roasts. After I moved in with my new flat mate Trish from TAA and she introduced me to you along with Little Dave, Slingo & Tony Webb. This ritual of Sunday Roasts and flagon wine lasted for over 4 years.
    Another memory from that unit was when you agreed to pick Slingo up from Royal North Shore Hospital after getting his appendix out. You walked to pick him up – so you both had to walk home. In fairness I think you thought Slingo had his car there
    Robbo I remember the days when you and I both had the day off and would go to the beach - either Balmoral or Curl Curl. We used to take turns in taking lunch – I usually took something cold like a sandwich or nibbles – but you rocked up on a 40 degree day with a flask of HOT TOMATO SOUP – We had so much fun in those days and you tanned so easily so he got the nickname of “the Bronzed OZ. As usual we would go in your beloved Mini & you would put your hand out the door to give it extra umph to get up Raglan Street at Balmoral.
    At Gatacre Avenue, you had so many barbecues in the backyard. On one occasion you fell backwards into the above ground pool with your can of Newcastle Brown Ale in hand. You were so proud that you didn’t spill a drop!!!
    More recently in Albany you acted as tour guide whilst Jane worked. We visited, amongst others, Mt Adelaide, Mt Clarence, The Whaling Station & the HMAS Perth Museum, which you particularly enjoyed. Whilst there we went on a bit of a bush walk. All of a sudden I got this hell of a whack on my back – it was you trying to kill the flies off me with your cap and all you could do was laugh – that Geordie laugh that I remember so well and miss.

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