Mr Wilhelm (Bill) Ficko

22nd April 194711th May 2022

Ceremony Information

Ceremony Time: 3.00 pm
Ceremony Date: Saturday 21st May 2022
Ceremony Address: Family Property 107 Ulster Road Albany

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2 comments on “Mr Wilhelm (Bill) Ficko”

  1. ❤️ Miss you Old Man….
    I will be eternally grateful for your love and support over the years we shared together.
    I saw the genuine gentle person you were when we first met.. you won over my heart immediately, what I saw never changed.. it only grew stronger.
    Our marriage was a journey… sometimes the road had a few corrugations but on hindsight… now and I laugh… more like little ripples, there were many many more miles of sealed surfaces we traveled over together.
    The Beautiful times, most cherished of all are sharing the birth of our children and grandchildren. You caring for me over many years during my crazy health hiccups… you were certainly my rock.
    At times there were some twists and turns that we came across in our road… we then became ‘One Force’ the
    ‘Bill and Sue Force’
    You were a awesome Dad, a most caring Son, and the Greatest ever Pop.
    The most wonderful provider,
    (Best Ever Shopper… I will never forget the time when you told my Mum that you had brought 13 Turkey forequarters and the look of the Checkout person that served you).
    A loyal and true friend to so many…
    A great Canasta partner of 50 plus years with Gregory, the best ever (almost a lifetime’s) Pen-Pal to Berit, and loyal and ethical worker on both sides of the bars.
    A most caring animal lover… no species missed out, even to the fruit thieving Birds… I can hear you say “there is enough fruit for them and us”.
    Our Dog’s s, certainly would have been top of that animal pile…. Families dog’s, friends dog’s any dogs… even the 3 stray dogs picked up on trips on the various highways.
    An unselfish and trustworthy attitude always willing to give and did on so many countless occasions.
    I called you affectionally, My Old Man… you taught me to be strong, taught me that if what you have planned you must always have a backup plan… if not one, but one until you have reached your goal. If you failed then to be proud and hold your head up with your what you had tried to achieve.
    You tried so hard to teach me not to procrastinate and to have faith in myself, I still hear your voice in my head.. honestly I am finally learning!

    Bill you said the last 3 years were the best you ever had…. Tears flow when I recall your words, I wonder if you meant it was ‘Our Force’ but this time I’m sure it was the ‘Forces of Families and Friends’ to help fight that battle you fought against the hideous cancer that ravaged your body… definitely not your heart as up to your final breath you were giving support and thanks to everyone…

    💕 Old Man, my world is so empty without you by my side… blowing you kisses, love Sue 💕

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