Mrs Beverley Anne Mulvihill


Sunday 24th July 196030th April 2024

Ceremony Information

Ceremony Time: 1.00pm
Ceremony Date: Friday 17th May 2024
Ceremony Address: St Werburgh's Chapel, St Werburgh's rd, Mat Barker 6234
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3 comments on “Mrs Beverley Anne Mulvihill”

  1. Bev was an important part of our Mead Family, sister, aunt and sister in law. We will always remember Bevs wonderful sense of humour, her kindness to others even when times were tough for her. Lovely moments together in Melbourne and Brisbane especially during Expo 88. My father Peter had a close bond, even though he was the oldest and she was the youngest sibling. My sister Carolyn and I recall great times visiting Bev in Mt Barker and were always impressed with how she knew the words to every song on the radio.My mother Helen recalls meeting Bev when she was about 4 years old, she educated this Melbourne city girl all about the cattle farm. We will miss you always love the Brisbane Meads.

  2. Beverley Anne Mead as I would call you when we worked together at Homeswest. You never complained, you are now pain free, fly free Bev your a true Leo:) XXXXX Andrew and Tracy Remaj

  3. When I was about 8 years old Bev, 18, came to live with us for some months in Northern Canada. I recall Boney M and Blondie albums making endless rounds on the record player, movies with popcorn at the small-town theatre, so many random acts of kindness, and what felt like endless fun. She was the lightest, brightest spark, that’s what I thought.

    Over the years, when I spent time in Mt Barker, she came to visit Vietnam, and I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid at her wedding, her sunny disposition and considerate approach never changed.

    Thinking back through the decades I remember her love of tennis and glossy magazines, always impeccable appearance, and the disgusting anecdotes she saved up to make me squeal with laughter. She had a huge impact on my life, particularly in my younger years.

    Along with her warmth and intelligence, I will remember Bev for her incredible strength. I'm sad to not be able to make the trip there for her service at the charming St Werburgh's chapel and send love and best wishes from Canada for her final send-off. RIP Bev. Gentle hug and lots of love, Katie

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