Mrs Jean Eileen Rayfield

Monday 21 August 1933Thursday 28 March 2024

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Ceremony Time: 12pm
Ceremony Date: Monday 8 April 2024
Ceremony Address: 50 Pony Club Road, Willyung
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  1. Jean,
    You were such a special friend to my Mum when she was a young Mum and needing help. You looked after Debbie while Mum was in hospital having me, Dad was working long days and her own Mum was in a different hospital having heart surgery.
    Thank you for that hand of friendship. Mum never forgot it and often referred to you as her best friend.
    We loved visiting you and the family (and all of the horses, dogs, cats, eels and a sheep if I remember correctly) when you lived in Herne Hill.
    These happy days were followed by a few visits to your much loved property on the King River.
    I am forever in awe of the amazing job you did in making my wedding dress for me ( that 43 degree day standing on a table in your sewing shed while you sorted the hem for the seven layers!) and that hand stitched hat. It was perfect.
    Most of all I can hear your soft voice full of love and caring. Thank you for touching our lives. You will be remembered fondly.
    Alison xx

  2. Jean,
    I was so very fortuate to have known you and will always remember how you taught me to be patient and perfect in all the costumes that we sewed together. I loved to hear the stories about how you sewed for royalty, whatever you sewed regardless of what it was for, it was always done with perfection. Oh how I loved your curtains and still talk about them today with envy. We hope that you are now out of pain and happily sewing to your hearts content. Thankyou Jean for being you, and for caring as you did. Thinking of you Jim, Simmone and families.
    Cesare and Pat

  3. Last time I saw Nanna was at my dad , Shaun's funeral. That might’ve been the only time I ever saw her shed a tear. I will always remember her as such a strong woman. I have memories of when I was a kid and Nanna would babysit us for the school holidays. We would always try to join her her on her morning walks with the dogs around the paddocks and pony club, then she would come back and make everyone breakfast. She would then spend all day in her cottage sewing and making alterations, and then somehow still have the energy to cook us lunch, dinner, and desert (her cooking was amazing). Then she would continue sewing long after we all went to bed at night. And then she would get up before anyone else was awake and do it all again the next day. Her strength was amazing and dedication has always been a source of inspiration to me when ever I've faced hard times. I know she has made a positive impact on so many people's lives and I know she will be missed by everyone who knew her.

    I love you Nanna.

  4. I never got the chance to meet you but i’ve heard a lot of amazing things about you
    you meant so much to my dad Brett, i wish i had the chance to see you.
    i wish you well up in heaven, heavens lucky they gained a angel like you
    You will be remembered
    Caprice Rayfield<3

  5. My Mother
    Jean’s children and grandsons grew up surrounded by pins and needles scattered all over the floor. Cotton threads, scissors and pieces of material were always about. Mum’s traditional way of cooking was combined with experimental new recipes ready to try out on family, mostly successful but sometimes not. Mum was dedicated to her family, friends and her four legged and feathered family. My house will forever be adorned by her handicraft - lovely curtains, bedspreads, furniture and clothes - a constant reminder of her that will last into the next generations. The world has lost a great creative lady whose craft is irreplaceable. Mum could have and SHOULD have dressed royalty, but that was their bad luck and our gain. We all know that Princess Kate copied Mum’s own made wedding dress from 1955!
    A void has been left that no one in this world and in our society will be able to fill. Mum’s last few years were a struggle and she did not deserve to pass in the way she did. But mum is at last at peace, with her second child Shaun, and ready to redecorate the universe.

  6. Dear Mum

    You taught me reliance , strength , determination and allowed me to follow my dreams.

    Mum, you were one in a million, there will never be anyone as creative and talented as you in the sewing world.
    I have wonderful childhood memories of Brides standing on the table in the sewing room while you pinned the hems on the skirts and trains - my job to pass the pins! Of you sitting all day hand sewing, creating the most beautiful lace wedding dresses and ball gowns.
    Of being lullabied to sleep by the sound of the sewing machine. Many times waking at 1 am in the morning to still hearing it going.

    Your creative passion passed onto me through dance - Ill never forget your 3 spits of luck before I went into exams or your hours spent sewing the most wonderful costumes that out shone everyone elses.

    You have supported me through thick and thin, and helped me realize my dreams - for that I am forever grateful.

    You helped Chris and I raise our boys and turn them into the men they are now . They all love you dearly for everything you did.

    Many years spent in the car together firstly YOU driving me to and from school and dance classes then later on when I was driving you around shopping and hair dresses gave us plenty of time to chat - those chats I miss dearly.

    Words will never be enough to thank you for your love and dedication to your family but
    Thankyou for being my mum .

    give everyone in heaven a hug and a hello , but give Gracie the biggest hug from me

    Love Simone

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