Ms Nancy Veronica Bevan


Ceremony Information

Ceremony Time: 10.30
Ceremony Date: 18.3.2022
Ceremony Address: The Bethan Chapel 1 Prior st. Albany
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4 comments on “Ms Nancy Veronica Bevan”

  1. Nancy, Ninz, Vegemite - you were my best friend for so many years, and got me through some of my toughest times. I wish our friendship didn’t end the way it did, but believe me when I say I still constantly think of you.

    I love you so much ♥️

  2. To our beautiful cousin Nancy, we are so heartbroken to lose you, i only wish we had known you better in your adult years but i will cherish the memories of you as a little girl playing fairies in the garden at Granny's house. I hope you find the peace you so deeply deserve. All our love.

  3. Still missing you. Music reminds me of you. I wish I’d flown to met you face to face Nanc. You helped me grow so much and stuck up for me against industry bullies. You made me a better person and not a day goes past I don’t think of you. Life should of served you as you served others with unconditional love.

    Keep flying high princess 🕊

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